Denmark: SeaBat 7125-ROV2 Gets Enhanced Performance

SeaBat 7125-ROV2 Gets Enhanced Performance

RESON announced that it is now adding the extra features contained in its Feature Pack 3 (FP3) to the SeaBat 7125-ROV2 multibeam system.

FP3 contains RESON’s latest SeaBat technology for enhancing performance and efficiency, based on four state-of-the-art features: RESON’s new SeaBat User Interface, Tracker (Autopilot), X-Range (400kHz), and Full Rate Dual Head (400kHz).

“With this launch, the SeaBat 7125-ROV2 reaches a new performance level. Feature Pack 3 improves the efficiency and capability of the sonar and we are confident that our worldwide users will benefit greatly from these additional features,” says Executive Vice President of Product Management at RESON A/S, Tim Lysholt Jensen.

FP3 was introduced earlier this year on the SeaBat 7125-SV2 hardware platform and has proven to be a very successful addition to the RESON family, providing customers with significant added value by maximizing data density and enhancing data quality through increased noise immunity.

The unique X-Range and Full Rate Dual Head features form the core of the FP3 and are what make this feature pack such a useful addition to the SeaBat family. RESON’s X-Range is a software and hardware package that provides extended range performance for the SeaBat 7125 as well as significantly increasing the system’s protection to external noise. X-Range combines frequency modulated transmission with advanced signal processing techniques to extract maximum possible performance from the system.

Incorporating RESON’s X-Range technology into a dual-head system (Full Rate Dual Head) not only gives both systems greater effective range, but also enables both to transmit simultaneously, effectively doubling the ping rate of earlier dual-head implementations.


Press Release, December 7, 2012