USA: West Shore Dredging Project Set for Spring

West Shore Dredging Project Set for Spring

The dredging project on the canals in the West Shore area will probably commence in the spring, according to

The tides aren’t favorable for effective dredging this time of the year, said the Tampa’s public works director Irv Lee, and added: “If you can’t get the barge in or you can’t get equipment in, you’re wasting time.”

The city hopes that all of the 10 canals along West Shore included in the permit will be dredged.

Removing muck from the canals should improve water quality by increasing tidal flow, and also improve the navigability of the canals.

The city officials reduced the number of canals involved in the proposed dredging plan, which is very upsetting for the West Shore residents, reports

The city budgeted $2.3 million to hire Duncan Seawall for this dredging project.


Dredging Today Staff, December 26, 2012; Image: duncanseawall