New Zealand: Great News for Kuratau Beach

Taupō District Council, Waikato Regional Council and the Lake Taupō Harbour Master have collaborated to undertake beach replenishment at Kuratau water front as an initial step in addressing ongoing erosion issues.

Between 12 and 14 December approximately 500 cubic metres of sand was moved from around the Kuratau boat ramp to the northern part of the Kuratau beach. The beach replenishment is intended to build up the beach and help it recover from past erosion events.

The councils are continuing to work with stakeholders to look at options and funding for more substantial beach replenishment works in autumn to build up a greater area of beach.

Sand placed on the Kuratau beach had historically moved southward along the beach before becoming trapped around the Kuratau boat ramp. This recent relocation of sediment will help rebuild the beach as well as help to reduce the accumulation of sediment around the boat ramp and ensure it remains usable.

Based on expert advice the councils have identified beach replenishment as the preferred option for addressing erosion issues. Unlike hard structures like walls, the replenishment improves the recreational use and natural appearance of the reserve and beach. The sand placed on the beach at Kuratau will be monitored to determine the speed with which it moves southward along the shoreline.


Source: voxy, January 3, 2013