France: Dredging Contract Awarded for Ports of Loctudy and Lesconil

Société Merceron TP has won the 3,455,711 EUR dredging contract.

This project includes a maintenance dredging work in the Ports of Loctudy and Lesconil, in order to maintain adequate depths in the harbours and access channels.

Loctudy is a fishing port and seaside resort in Brittany, France, at the mouth of the Pont-l’Abbé river estuary.

Situated on the peninsula of Penmarc’h in the far southwestern part of Lower Brittany, it preserves elements of old Breton culture.

Lesconil, a small drying harbor, lies at the Pointe de Penmarc’h and is protected by breakwaters. It is used by fishing boats and yachts.


Dredging Today Staff, January 18, 2013