China: CCCC Shanghai Bags Zhejiang Land Reclamation Deal

CCCC Shanghai Bags Zhejiang Land Reclamation Deal (file photo)

At the beginning of the New Year, CCCC Shanghai Dredging Co., Ltd. won the bid for the backfill works (Zone 4) of the Phase 1 reclamation area in Xiaoguoju, Liuheng, Zhejiang Province, with a contract value of 180 million yuan and a construction period of 180 days.

Located in Putuo District, Zhoushan, with a total backfill area of some 950,000 square meters, the project is the preliminary works of the basic port-vicinity industry zone in Liuheng, Zhoushan Port, Ningbo.

The project will provide more land resources for the great development of the port-vicinity industry of Liuheng Island, and is of great significance to promoting the development of Zhoushan Archipelago New District.


Press Release, January 24, 2013