China: CCCC Third Harbor Wins Lianyungang Port Contract

CCCC Third Harbor Wins Lianyungang Port Contract

On January 31, CCCC Third Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. won the bid for Lot DZL-SG2 of the eastern vertical breakwater project in Xuwei zone of Lianyungang Port, with a contract value of 702 million yuan and a construction period of 33 months.

Located in the south of Lianyungang Port, the project is in single-bucket multi-cylinder structure, marking the first-time use of the structure in China. The breakwater is 4,100 meters in length and 55 meters in width, needing 195 prefabricated foundation buckets each weighing 3,200 tons.

The project is of positive significance to further enhancing Lianyungang’s advantage in ocean shipping and promoting north Jiangsu’s economic and social development.


Press Release, February 18, 2013

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