Officials Invite Bids for Dradenau Land Reclamation (Germany)

Officials Invites Bids for Dradenau Land Reclamation

Hamburg Port Authority AöR has invited bidders to submit their offers for the Phase 1 of the reclamation works in the harbour of Dradenau.

These works will include:

– Refilling the silt interim storage area by applying wet sand;

– Balancing the mud surface (about 7,000m), by backfilling of irrigator sand (about 160,000 m³) with subsequent lowering of the water level pumping of approx. 250,000 m³.

The project period is 13 months from the date of contract award.

The deadline for this tender is March 21, 2013.


Dredging Today Staff, March 1, 2013; Image: HHM