USA: Officials Introduce Dredging Plan for Rockaway Beach

Officials Introduce Dredging Plan for Rockaway Beach

The US Army Corps of Engineers, New York District intends to issue an Invitation for Bids (IFB) for dredging of Rockaway Beach and Coney Island.

The Rockaway Beach project is located along the southern margin of the Borough of Queens, City of New York, and extends from Beach 149th Street to Beach 19th Street and encompasses approximately 6.2 miles of shoreline in the Borough of Queens, New York.

The proposed work includes placement of beachfill along the length of the constructed Project footprint. The estimated quantity of beachfill of 3.5 million CY along the length of the constructed project is necessary in order to restore the Project to its original as-built conditions. The sand material will be dredged from the East Rockaway Inlet, Rockaway Inlet, Jamaica Bay and/or an offshore borrow area located 3-5 miles off the Rockaways, and hydraulically pumped to the project site.

The Coney Island project area lies along the Atlantic Ocean Shoreline in the Borough of Brooklyn, City of New York, between Rockaway Inlet and Norton Point and the constructed project encompasses approximately 13,500 ft. along the public beach as well as approximately 2,300 ft along the area of Sea Gate.

This project includes the constructed beach, the terminal groin at West 37th Street, the revetment and fillet in Sea Gate protecting the groin, three outfall extensions, a retaining wall along the West 25th St. vehicular access, and a valve chamber at Stillwell Ave.

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Source:, March 7, 2013