Foy-Johnston: Exploration Begins in Eastern Region (Cameroon)

Exploration Begins in Eastern Region

Foy-Johnston announces that it now has the two exploration dredges on site and in operation in the Eastern Region of Cameroon.

The company has now successfully transported the second phase of equipment from the staging area in USA via container to Cameroon. This finishes the movements needed of the equipment into Cameroon to begin the second phase of bulk sampling, pre-production, pitting and high grade gold recovery before a commercial system can be approved, transported and assembled for larger scale exploitation planned.

The team of Cameroonian and Americans currently on location is being led by the Senior Operations team Mr. Kabir Maina and Mr. Bala Maina .

“We are extremely excited and more than satisfied that we are on the right track here in Cameroon to be able to extract significant amounts of gold and other precious metals and stones from the regions where we have done preliminary exploration work. We are in the process of doing more extensive work and this should only re-enforce the findings to date,” stated Alexander D. Powers – president of Foy-Johnston.


Press Release, March 13, 2013