VIDEO: Delta Dredger ECD15 (The Netherlands)

Delta Dredger ECD15

The Eureka suction dredgers are used for sand mining purposes.

This cutter dredger has a 40ft High Cube Container as body and this body is built above the water table. The 40ft container is used as a engine room, above the engine room is the control room situated.

View on Youtube.

On both sides are 2 round floaters. These suction dredgers can be equipped with high pressure jet pump tot increased capacities, submersible dredge pumps, deep suction systems for winning at 15 m depth.

This dredger is easy to transport by containers.

General information

Dredging depth (max) 15 [m]

Suction diameter (max) 450 [mm]

Discharge diameter (max) 400 [mm]

Pump capacity (max) 3500 [m3/h]

Length overall (max) 33.5 [m]

Length Pontoons (max) 24.0 [m]

Width 6.5 [m]

Water draft-depth (max) 1.45 [m]

Total Dry weight (max) 70 [ton].


Dredging Today Staff, March 19, 2013