Harlan County Lake Dredging Kicks Off (USA)

Harlan County Lake Dredging Kicks Off

Harlan County Lake’s Gremlin Cove boat ramp will be closed weekdays until April 20.

The ramp is being closed for public safety to allow the U.S. Corps of Engineers to dredge in the vicinity, Park Manager Larry Janicek said. The ramp will be open for weekend use, but boaters should use caution while using the ramp and North Shore Marina because there will be equipment in the cove.

Dredging will be completed within two weeks.

The dredging will protect and enhance boater and fishing access to Harlan County Lake. Shoreline fishing also will be expanded in Gremlin Cove by improving jetties and adding a fishing pier on the east bank of the cove.

Patterson Harbor Boat Ramp, located on the south side of the lake near the dam, will be fully accessible during this time and will serve as the lake’s primary boat ramp.


Source: kearneyhub, April 8, 2013