TSHD “Jean Ango” Delivered to French Customer

TSHD Jean Ango Delivered to French Customer

The hopper dredger “Jean Ango” has been handed over to its owner, DRAGAGES-PORTS. The 1,500 m3 dredger was designed and built in Spain by Astilleros de Murueta, using Damen dredging equipment. The new vessel will maintain the French river Seine between Rouen and Le Havre.

The “Jean Ango” has specifically been designed for round the clock maintenance dredging. The 1,500 m3 hopper dredger is fitted out with a 600 mm trailing pipe, working at a dredging depth of max -26m. Two identical Damen dredge pumps, type BP6055MD, either fill the hopper, or pump ashore using the bow coupling or the customized side coupling. Furthermore, conical bottom valves are fitted to dump the cargo. The dredging gear is complete with a degassing system, as experience shows a high percentage on in-situ gas, trapped in the layers of silt.


The “Jean Ango” is the result of a close cooperation between Damen Dredging Equipment and the Spanish yard Astilleros de Murueta, S.A. Astilleros de Murueta have done all design for the vessel, including basic engineering and the naval architecture. The vessel was built at the Gernika-yard. The vessel is 82,1 m long and has a moulded breath of 15,4 m. The vessel, designed for Unrestricted Navigation and Dredging over 8 miles from shore, has a deadweight of 3,392 tons and a loaded speed of 11.5 knots.


The “Jean Ango”, named after a famous French explorer, is fitted out for a crew of 14 mariners. The hopper dredger was delivered to the owner recently, after which the vessel was baptized by the French minister Mme Fourneyron.

After extensive testing on the river Seine, the new dredger has started it’s important task – keeping French major ports at the correct depth.


Press Release, May 6, 2013

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