Stone Harbor Beach Project Underway (USA)

Stone Harbor Beach Project Underway

The long-awaited Stone Harbor beach fill project has begun.

The United States Army Corps of Engineers announced that the dredge “Charleston” was moved back into Hereford Inlet Thursday afternoon and sand was being pumped on the beach at 122nd Street starting Thursday, April 25th, at 4:05pm.

The beach fill project was delayed for ten days due to strong winds and rough seas in the inlet. The rough surf made it impossible for Norfolk Dredging Company to safely attach the dredge to the beach fill pipe. A window of opportunity opened on Thursday, and the dredge was connected to the pipe and the slurry of sand and water began arriving on the beach.

At this time, Stone Harbor is under contract to receive over 400,000 cubic yards of sand that will be pumped on the Borough’s beachfront south to north over a 37-day period. The United States Army Corps of Engineers and New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection are sponsors of this beach fill project; the project comes at no cost to the taxpayers of Stone Harbor.

CBS3’s meteorologist Carol Erickson appeared in Stone Harbor for the kickoff of the beach fill operation.


Press Release, May 7, 2013