USA: Genesis Water Hires New CEO

Genesis Water Hires New CEO

Genesis Water, pioneer of the Genesis Rapid Dewatering System™ (RDS), announced today it has hired Rob Krause as its Chief Executive Officer, coming as the company enters a period of ambitious growth on the heels of its appearance at the WODCON XX World Dredging Congress in Brussels.

Krause was recruited to lead Genesis Water after an extensive nationwide search and was chosen from among more than 70 qualified candidates. He joins from General Electric (GE), where he served in a variety of roles throughout the diverse company since 1996. Most recently, Krause served as Vice President of Sales at GE Capital Retail Finance, where he held P&L responsibility for business totaling $1.1 billion in annual sales and $34 million in net income. Throughout his career, he has held manufacturing operations roles and commercial leadership positions with GE Capital, GE Money and General Electric Appliances. Krause earned a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering. He is a decorated officer of the U.S. Air Force, having served with distinction in Desert Storm.

I’m gratified to be joining Genesis Water and for this unique opportunity to move the company forward at an important moment in its history,” Krause said. “Today, the Genesis Water RDS is poised to take the world stage as dredging, mining and oil sands operations face a growing number of regulations and restrictions that our technology helps to manage. There couldn’t be a more exciting time or opportunity to lead Genesis on a global scale.”

Founded in 2000 by Michael Hodges, Genesis Water developed patented technology and equipment that have revolutionized the process of dewatering dredged sediment and recovering and restoring water through a more efficient, cost-effective and environmental-friendly approach. Hodges, who has served as CEO since the company’s founding, will move to the role of Chief Technology Officer and will remain active in the company’s day-to-day operations.

CEO, Rob Krause

“It’s been absolutely amazing to see how Genesis Water has grown from a need-based idea to a commercially accepted technology that is changing for the better how multiple industries do their work,” Hodges said. “Today, Genesis Water technology is working with dredging and mining operations across the country and we will soon see our technology working worldwide.”

Since 2011, Genesis Water has been partnered with Impact Opportunities Fund (IOF), a Denver-based private equity firm focused on identifying and developing opportunities that provide both investment returns, as well as impactful outcomes. The IOF investment team and its operating partners possess extensive experience in private equity, investment banking, management, entrepreneurship, and operations; these complementary backgrounds deliver an essential advantage to investors and portfolio companies like Genesis Water. By properly understanding and addressing issues surrounding due diligence, capital structure, and value-added strategic management in areas such as finance, accounting, sales, marketing, operations and general management, IOF can apply objectivity, analytical rigor and real-world expertise to its portfolio companies.

Genesis Water has always been more than just an investment opportunity for us,” said Tyler Tysdal, managing partner for IOF.We have had a commitment to the development and implementation of this fantastic technology and couldn’t be more pleased to continue to provide support, as Rob Krause takes it to inspiring new heights.”

Genesis Water’s revolutionary and environmentally sustainable approach makes it the technology of choice for the largest and most prestigious waterway restorations in the world. The Genesis RDS has been adopted for large-scale water recovery in industrial circuits, including mining and operations.


Press Release, June 25, 2013