Cameroon: Kribi Deepwater Port Project Reaches Milestone

Kribi Deepwater Port Project Reaches Milestone

From May 31 to June 1, in the Cameroon Kribi Deepwater Port Project, the installation of the first caisson and the first underwater reef blasting at the wharf foundation trench was completed one after another, marking the important progress in the project.

At 19 o’clock on May 31, with the close cooperation and careful cooperation of the operators and ship dispatch, the first caisson of Kribi Deepwater Port Project safely arrived at the designated installation location and the installation was smoothly completed. In this project, there are 33 caissons, about 2500 tons each. Here, the erecting formwork pouring technology is adopted; they are transported by airbags and installed through semi-submersible barge.

At half past 17 on June 1, the project operators, in strict accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, safety regulations and blasting process, conducted the first underwater reef blasting at the wharf foundation trench, providing a solid guarantee for the smooth installation of the follow-up caissons.

Caisson installation and underwater reef blasting are two processes with the largest port construction difficulty and the highest technical content which are the most crucial to the safety production. The successful completion of the above work shows the relatively high engineering management capabilities of CHEC and the Company was highly praised by the client.


Press Release, June 28, 2013

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