Stone Harbor Replenishment About to Resume (USA)

Stone Harbor Replenishment About to Resume

A major beach fill project that will provide the Borough of Stone Harbor with greater resiliency from future storm events while also greatly expanding recreational opportunities on the beachfront will resume during the first week of July.

Mayor Suzanne Walters reports that the reconstruction of the Borough’s beachfront will continue around the clock until its completion before the end of July.

We are very pleased that this project will conclude ahead of schedule and before the end of July”, Mayor Walters said. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the residents and visitors in Stone Harbor to enjoy a complete reconstruction of the beachfront that is being fully funded by the federal government. The beach is our economy, and the first line of defense during any coastal storm events. This multi-million dollar investment is truly an opportunity that Stone Harbor is most grateful to receive“.

The beach replenishment project in Stone Harbor began in April and was suspended in early June so the contractor on the project. Norfolk Dredging Company of Virginia, could fulfill an obligation to a smaller beach fill project in North Wildwood. The project in North Wildwood has been completed and now Norfolk Dredging will work around the clock to complete the total reconstruction of the Stone Harbor beaches.

“Stronger than the storm is not only a slogan for the State of New Jersey following Hurricane Sandy but a renewed spirit of cooperation among coastal communities“, Mayor Walters said. “By agreeing to allow the dredge to fulfill its contractual obligation in North Wildwood. Stone Harbor will enjoy a much larger beach fill project while at the same time affording our neighboring community the peace of mind of having a protective beach when the next significant coastal storm threatens the Jersey Shore”.

The entire Stone Harbor beachfront will remain open for the duration of this beach fill operation. Only a few beaches in the immediate work area where the dredge is placing sand on the beach will be temporary closed for safety reasons.

Beachgoers who want to access the beachfront in the immediate project area can do so a block north or south of where the sand is being placed on the beach. The beach fill project will continue to pump sand on the beach block by block from the south to the north until the project ends near 80th Street at the border of Stone Harbor and Avalon. To date, nearly 360.000 cubic yards of sand representing approximately half of the total volume of sand has been placed on the Stone Harbor beaches.

It is estimated that this beach fill project will conclude before the end of July. Public crossovers, dune fence, and dune grass planting are all a part of this essential project. The new beach will conform to the template designed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

“More than any other beach fill project done before, this project has really captured the interest and appreciation of our residents and visitors”, Mayor Walters said. “Hurricane Sandy has taught our community and the general public valuable lessons. Stone Harbor was spared much of the wrath of the storm because of our proactive, innovative beach and dune protection efforts. Everyone who lives or visits Stone Harbor are enjoying one of the largest beachfronts our town has ever offered while at the same time providing valuable peace of mind knowing that we have added even greater protection. A short walk one block north or south of the immediate work area is a minor inconvenience compared to the generous award that our community receives at no cost to our local taxpayers”.

Stone Harbor officials will continue to meet weekly with the United States Army Corps of Engineers, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, and Norfolk Dredging Company for updates on the project.


Press Release, July 1, 2013