USA: Stone Harbor Beach Reconstruction Reaches Its Final Stages

Stone Harbor Beach Reconstruction Reaches Its Final Stages

Stone Harbor’s major beach reconstruction project has reached its final stages and could finish before the end of July. Mayor Suzanne Walters and other Borough officials attended a weekly progress meeting at the Stone Harbor Fire House on Wednesday, July 17th and learned that the beach fill project may finish 011 or before July 31st.

“I am very pleased with not only the quality of work but also the progress of this very important beach reconstruction project”. Mayor Walters said. “If the weather cooperates and there are no significant mechanical issues, the reconstruction of the Stone Harbor beachfront may conclude before the end of this month”.

The United States Army Corps of Engineers and Norfolk Dredging Company announced that to date more than 647.000 cubic yards of sand has been placed 011 the Stone Harbor beachfront. A11 additional 150.000 cubic yards will be dredged from the Hereford Inlet onto beaches from 86th Street north to the 80,h Street border of Avalon. It is possible that the beach fill project may conclude on or before Wednesday, July 31st with a total of 800.000 cubic yards of sand being placed 011 the entire length of the Stone Harbor beaches.

Currently, beaches from 83rd Street to 87th Street are closed to the public with sand being placed on the 86th Street beach. All other beaches in Stone Harbor remain open during this project with beaches to the north closing and beaches to the south re-opening as the work continues to move in a south to north direction. Approximately 19.000 feet of pipe is being used to pump the new sand onto the beach with pipe being moved into place during the overnight homs so beachgoers are not inconvenienced by trucks or other equipment.

All associated dune work with the exception of 94th Street has been completed: all crossovers in the construction area have been finished with the exception of 83rd Street and 111th Street where minor work still remains. Sand fencing will be installed in the construction area before this weekend. Dune grass planting will commence in December. The reconstruction of the Stone Harbor beaches is being fully funded by the United States Army Corps of

Engineers with support from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and conies at no cost to Stone Harbor taxpayers. The project will replace sand lost during hurricanes Irene and Sandy and restore the Stone Harbor beaches to the federal template.

“Our residents and visitors are truly excited to have the opportunity to see a new beach constructed in Stone Harbor”. Mayor Walters said. “This new beach will provide additional protection when future coastal storms arrive while greatly expanding the recreational opportunities for years to come”.

Stone Harbor officials will continue to meet weekly with the United States Army Coips of Engineers, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, and Norfolk Dredging Company for updates on the project.


Press Release, July 18, 2013

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