CHEC: Vietnam Coastal Seaport Project Moves Ahead

Vietnam Coastal Seaport Project Moves Ahead

On June 28, while “Jinsan” Pile-driving Barge worked, a 44m-long PHC tubular piles with the diameter of 1m was slowly lifted and moved to the sea surface along with the hull. Lifting, barge moving, positioning, pile-sinking, beating, and hammer collecting were completed at one stretch.

As designed, the first pile was smoothly driven into the designated spot in less than one hour. All the indexes, including off-position, penetration and elevation meet the design requirements. The smooth driving of the first pile marks the formal start of site construction of Vietnam Coastal Seaport Project.

The total number of pile foundations of the project is 389, 157 for approach bridge, 200 for coal wharf, and 32 for oil wharf. There are two kinds of piles: PHC tubular piles with the diameter of 800 and those with the diameter of 1000; the piles are 45m long.

The period from October to March of next year is the period of monsoon of the construction area, so the pile foundation construction cannot be conducted. In order to meet the requirement of contract construction period, the pile-sinking of all the 389 PHC tubular piles must be completed before the period of monsoon of this year comes.

Therefore, the office and project department took several measures at the same time. On the one hand, they actively cooperated with the design institute to accelerate the geological examination, pile testing, and pile foundation testing and so on so as to provide basis for the design; on the other hand, they arranged equipment and allocated resources to produce tubular piles so as to make preparations for the construction.

Meanwhile, they communicated with the client and consulting engineer to overcome all the difficulties in the construction process and finally started the wharf pile-sinking work in two months after accepting the commencement order; and then, the project entered the substantive construction period.


Press Release, July 25, 2013