Thailand: Nakhon Ratchasima Officials Undertake Dredging Operations

Nakhon Ratchasima Officials Undertake Dredging

The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation is warning residents in the North and the Central Plains to brace for flash floods and forest runoffs during the next two days.

The agency received a weather alert by the Meteorological Department which forecasted heavy rains in 13 provinces including Tak, Sukhothai, Chiang Mai and Phrae.

In Nakhon Ratchasima, where floods have previously ravaged houses and schools, provincial authorities are carrying out dredging work to tackle the deluge.

According to officials, the operation is urgently needed as floodwaters usually rise to over 100 millimeters in a matter of hours.

The weather bureau earlier reported that the southwestern monsoon covering the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand has collided with a low pressure cell in the North, bringing torrential rains to flood-prone areas.

DDPM officials are closely monitoring the situation and are prepared to offer immediate assistance to flood victims.


Press Release, July 25, 2013