USA: Stone Har­bor Beach Fill Project Makes Progress

Stone Har­bor Beach Fill Project Makes Progress

A beach fill project that is mov­ing north in Stone Har­bor will con­clude at the 78th Street beach in Avalon.

As of Wednes­day, July 24th, the beach fill project was in Stone Har­bor at the 83rd Street beach. Nor­folk Dredg­ing, the con­trac­tor who per­formed Avalon’s major beach fill project ear­lier this year, reports that the 78-th-80th street beaches in Avalon will receive fewer than 12 hours of work on Sun­day or Mon­day, July 28th or 29th.

A small vol­ume of sand will be pumped onto the beach­front and trucks will grade the sand out per the tem­plate estab­lished by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

The dis­rup­tion to the beach is expected to be minor and take less than a day.


Press Release, July 25, 2013

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