Senwatec Delivers „Dredge King“ to Slovakia

Senwatec Delivers Dredge King to Slovakia

PROGROUPE extending technical park to „Dredge King“ from Senwatec for sediment removal in Slovakia.

This dredger is equipped with the 8/6 inch armored pump, mounted below deck, with capacities of 520 m³ (680 cubic yards) of slurry/hour and 55 to 220 m³ (72 to 288 cubic yards) of solids / hour, 6-cylinder Caterpillar Diesel engine, 168 kW/225 HP, 1,800 RPM, liquid cooled, mounted below deck with monitoring system for coolant/engine temperature and engine oil level/pressure (auto shut down system). Infinitely variable drive speed regulation forward up to 6 knots, reverse up to 3 knots. Dredging working depth of 6 meters with smooth swing range up to 175° each left- and right hand (350° total range).

The maximum lenght of material transport thru pipeline is 1500 meters.

Crane arm is equipped with cutter-suction dredge head, excavating bucket (up to 700l), rake (with hardened teeth) and discharge line.


Press Release, July 30, 2013