USA: Waikiki Beach Dredging Program Completed

Waikiki Beach Dredging Program Completed

Sea Engineering in conjunction with Healy Tibbitts Builders (Weeks Marine) has just completed the largest dredging/beach restoration and stabilization project ever completed in Hawaii.

The project involved dredging on the Pearl Harbor entrance channel to restore the design channel width, and the placement of the sandy dredged material within 9 specially designed T-head groins to stabilize a shoreline that had eroded over 200 feet.

Sea Engineering will present an overview of this project during the luncheon scheduled for August 27.

The presentation of dredging sand and designing beaches for Hawaii’s future “The Iroquois Point and Waikiki Beach Restoration Projects” will be presented by Scott Sullivan, Vice President, Sea Engineering, Inc.


Dredging Today Staff, August 11, 2013

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