VIDEO: Stone Harbor Dredging Project Completed (USA)

Stone Harbor Dredging Project Completed

The replenishment project officially ended on Avalon’s southern beaches on Wednesday, July 31st. This project comes at no cost to the taxpayers of Stone Harbor and Avalon and was completely funded by the federal government.

The sand dredging operations are over and no more sand will be placed on the beaches. The beach fill project included 799,300 cubic yards of sand being placed on the beaches.

Pipe and equpiment will be demobilized off the beachfront to two staging areas. Some metal pipe may be temporarily stored for two weeks in a safe, secure area out of the public’s way on the Stone Harbor beachfront. The plastic shore line will be removed from the beach after final preparations.

Norfolk Dredging will eventually use trucks to remove the steel pipe from the Borough of Stone Harbor after it has been disconnected and taken to a temporary staging area.


Dredging Today Staff, August 28, 2013