Gabon: Libreville-Moore Development Project Kicks Off

Libreville-Moore Development Project Kicks Off

The client of the Libreville-Moore renovation project in Gabon, issued the official go ahead on August 14 to start work on the project.

In May, CHEC won the tender for the project and 3 months later, the proprietor granted permission for the project to begin. The project undertaking is at a considerable stage of implementation. The project department has been fully prepared and this will guarantee that construction will be completed at a high quality within the given timeframe. The project will contribute to the company’s reputation in the Gabon marketplace as well as helping to promote Gabon’s infrastructure.

The Moore Harbour restoration project is located in downtown Libreville, Gabon. The contract amount is approximately 120 million, lasting for a total of 450 days. The project is scheduled for completion in November 7, 2014.


On May 13, CHEC won the bid for Libreville-Moore Port rectification project (two sections); the client is Gabon Major Project Bureau; the management company is Bechtel of the USA; the contract amount is CFAF 58.8 billion (about USD 120 million) and the construction period is 360 days.

Moore Port rectification project is located the center of Libreville, capital of Gabon; the project content include hydraulic reclamation of land area with an area of 340,000m2 (the total reclamation amount is about 2,100,000m3), 1100m upright type revetment, 3600m inclined revetment, renovation of the existing breakwater (about 200m long) and removal of 5 sunken vessels and so on.

The client of this project issued the international public bidding announcement on December 17, 2012 and the project contained two sections. Section 1 is the hydraulic reclamation of land area and section two is the hydraulic structure. Many world-renowned contractors, such as Jan De Nul, Boskalis, Dredging International and Acciona, participated in the bidding.


Press Release, September 3, 2013