USA: Little Turkey Lake Dredging About to Begin

Little Turkey Lake Dredging About to Begin

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources announced another dredging project funded by Indiana’s Lake and River Enhancement Program.

This dredging project is set to begin in September on Little Turkey Lake in Lagrange County near Stroh, IN. Beginning sometime during the second week of September and continuing through the end of October, the public access boat launch on this lake will be closed. Due to the location of equipment across the lake during this project, access to the lake will be inaccessible from the boat ramp.

Once this project is completed, normal access to the lake from the boat launch will resume.

Anyone utilizing Little Turkey Lake during this time should be aware of navigational hazards present until all dredging is complete, announced IDNR. Once work begins it will continue, even on weekends, throughout the duration of this project.


Press Release, September 3, 2013