Ravestein to Build Dredger for ETERMAR SA (The Netherlands)

Ravestein to Build Dredger for ETERMAR SA

Ravestein has been awarded the contract for the design and construction of a backhoe dredger type Ravestein 750 B for ETERMAR SA. The vessel will be delivered in July 2014.

ETERMAR SA was founded in 1968 and is currently one of Portugal’s most experienced companies working in the maritime and fluvial hydraulic works sector.

The company has its headquarters in Setúbal, which house the head offices and the electromechanical, carpentry and metal workshops, in addition to a shipyard, in the Sado river estuary for naval maintenance, repairs and construction, endowed with considerable resources.

Ravestein to Build Dredger for ETERMAR SA.

For Ravestein this will be the third order for a backhoe dredger of the new series of Ravestein Backhoe Dredgers in a short time. The previously ordered dredger was delivered to DEME/NDC and currently, there is a Backhoe dredger for Jan de Nul under contract with a delivery due in January 2014, both featuring  Liebherr P995.

The new Backhoe dredger will have the following dimensions:

Length: 50.00 meter;

Width: 15.50 meter;

Depth: 4.00 meter;

Dredging depth up tot: 22.00 meter;

Total installed power: 1.520 kW;

Crane: Liebherr P 9350.

Ravestein to Build Dredger for ETERMAR SA..

The pontoon has three spud legs and one hydraulically operated spud carrier. The legs can each press 280 tons and have a holding force of 560 tons, whereas the spuds will feature 1.60 x 1.60 meters in size.

Ravestein will build the Backhoe dredger completely in their yard in Deest Holland. The crane will be transported from Liebherr Colmar France and will be installed in Deest.


Press Release, September 5, 2013