Canada: Rohr-Idreco Delivers K 125 R Dredger

Rohr-Idreco Delivers K 125 R Dredge

The Rohr division of Rohr-Idreco has announced the successful startup of its first Land-based Mobile Bucketladder, a K 125 R dredger in Canada.

This dredger is being used in a new pit in lieu of a long arm single bucket excavator due to its deeper digging depth, dewatering & oversize separation screening and very low energy consumption. The customer is thrilled with the dredger’s performance especially in getting through difficult clay lenses, announced Rohr-Idreco.

The K 125R is an electric land based mobile dredger with a digging depth of 39 ft (12m) and production capacity up to 340 tph (225m3/hr) utilizing 125 liter buckets. The K 125R has fully automated controls (to support a one-man operation) and variable bucket speeds.


Rohr’s Land Based mobile Bucketladders have a standard digging depth of up to 33 ft. (10m), but can be designed to reach up to 40 ft. (12.2m.), with the production ranges from 50 to over 500 tph, depending on material and digging depth.

Rohr-Idreco Dredge Systems is the world leader in bucket ladder, clamshell, and jet suction dredger applications and technology for the sand and gravel industry, mining and dam restoration projects. Rohr-Idreco specializes in deep digging applications up to 400 feet (120m) deep.


Press Release, September 9, 2013