Fazeley Section of Lower Tame Scheme Progresses Well (UK)

Fazeley Section of Lower Tame Scheme Progresses Well

The Lower Tame Flood Risk Management Scheme is continuing to progress, with works moving to the next section at Fazeley in Tamworth.

Following the granting of planning permission by Lichfield District Council, work on the £3.5million scheme started at the end of June 2013, shortly after the opening of the first section of works in Coton, Tamworth.

The Fazeley scheme will consist of a mixture of new flood walls (in the ground of Coton Green Football Ground and Brook End properties), and new embankments (to the south of Mayfair Drive). The scheme also includes the raising of an existing flood embankment on Brook End, as well as the re-alignment of the Bourne Brook.

The scheme is progressing well, with work to the existing flood embankment already underway, and the new brick-clad sheet piled wall nearly complete within the Football Ground. An open evening was recently held to invite local residents to see the site, and ask questions about construction.

The £3.5 million scheme is due to be completed in spring 2014. Once complete, it will further reduce the flood risk to 216 properties, and will offer protection from the level of floods which have a 1 in 200 chance of occurring in any given year.

The wider Lower Tame Flood Risk Management scheme includes works along the River Tame at Coton, Fazeley, Kingsbury, and Whitacre Heath, aiming to reduce the risk of flooding to over 1,000 residential properties. The total cost of the construction of the scheme is £11 million and is due for completion in spring 2014.

Edson Chikobvu from the Environment Agency said: “It’s great to get the works at Fazeley underway, and with the recent good weather, works are progressing well. We look forward to the scheme’s completion and the benefit it will bring to the local community in terms of reduced flood risk.”


Press Release, September 9, 2013