CCCC Shanghai Dredging Inks Huanghua Port Project Contract (China)

CCCC Shanghai Dredging Wins Hydraulic Reclamation Project (China)

CCCC Shanghai Dredging Co., Ltd. recently signed a contract for the hydraulic reclamation project in the south-bank operation zone in Basin 1 of the integrated area of Huanghua Port, with a contract value of 238 million yuan and a construction period of 100 calendar days.

With a hydraulic reclamation and dredging volume of 15.62 million cubic meters, the project involves construction of a 200-meter separation dam and a 6,676-meter sub cofferdam.

Located in the core integrated transport area of Huanghua Port, as the port’s core project for the next stage, the project will play a significant role in optimizing the port layout and promote the sustainable development of the port.


Press Release, September 17, 2013