Stroytransgaz Inks Contract with PJSC Subsidiary

Stroytransgaz Inks Contract with PJSC Subsidiary

Stroytransgaz Group entered into a contract with PJSC Territorial Generation Company #11 (a subsidiary of PJSC Inter RAO UES) on reconstruction of the ash dump of the Omsk HPP-4.

The works are carried out at the place of the existing two-section ash dump of the Omsk HPP-4, the total area of which is 475.66 hectares.

The facility is located in the floodplain of the Irtysh River on the northern edge of Omsk, it is operated since 1965. For the further storage of ash materials received at the HPP-4 when burning coal, STG will erect the dam by constructing the third tier of the first section – the ash dump of the Omsk HPP-4. According to the project documentation developed by PJSC VNIPIenergoprom, the area of the new tier will be 146 hectares.

The project also involves construction of a ash distribution pipeline and dust suppression system, installation of impervious screen to prevent pollution of ground and surface water, building of the dam in case of full flood in the area of the Irtysh River.

Great attention will be paid to the environmental aspects of construction, because the ash dump, which is technically a complex object, is located within the city limits.

Therefore, as a subcontractor, STG-Eco LLC is involved which was created for implementation of projects in the field of industrial ecology.


Press Release, September 19, 2013

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