United Dredging to Launch New Dredger (Bangladesh)

Ali Reza Iftekhar

The first ever hydro-automated dredger in Bangladesh, named “United Dredger 1”, will be launched very soon, United Dredging and Engineering Co Ltd announced this week.

Regarding this ambitious plan, Ehsan Yusuf, the managing director of United Dredging and Engineering, stated: “With the launch of the dredger, one of my dreams has come true. If it is operated successfully, then we will not need to import dredgers anymore.

The main financial supporter of the “United Dredger 1” development program was the SME team of Eastern Bank, reports dhakatribune.com.

Ali Reza Iftekhar, the Eastern Bank’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, said: “It is a unique invention. In a country like Bangladesh, which is crisscrossed by rivers, dredgers are in demand and considering this, we financed the project.

According to dhakatribune.com, a lot of dredgers were previously manufactured in Bangladesh, but so far, without any sustainable success.


Dredging Today Staff, September 25, 2013