China: CCCC Third Harbor to Dredge Jiaxing Port

CCCC Third Harbor to Dredge Jiaxing Port

CCCC Third Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. has recently won the bid for the 3 & 4 multi-purpose terminal project in Section C of Haiyan zone of Jiaxing Port, with a contract value of 235 million yuan, a planned construction period of 24 months and a trial operation period of 6 months.

Located in Hangzhou Bay, 2.2 kilometers east from Hangzhou Bay Bridge, the project involves construction of two 10000 t multi-purpose berths, construction of an approach 987.8 meters long and 13 meters wide, basin dredging with a volume of 216,000 cubic meters, construction of rear break-bulk yard and container yard, road greening, construction of auxiliary production and living buildings, as well as construction of related supporting facilities such as water & electricity facilities and lighting facilities.

The project is a major modern logistics infrastructure project of Jiaxing Port. After its completion, the project will be of great significance to optimizing the layout of the port, promoting the development of Jiaxing’s harbor logistics industry and boosting the economic development of Hangzhou Bay.


Press Release, September 27, 2013