Australia: East Shores Development Moves Ahead

East Shores Development Moves Ahead

Development of the $45M East Shores Gladstone Coal Exporters Maritime Precinct is well underway, with general site-clearing and above ground demolition now complete.

The waterfront landscape continues to change with pile-driving activities in progress to construct the sheet piling wall along Auckland Creek. Over the next eight weeks, works will focus on completing piling, in-ground works, and completion of 30% of the viewing deck area.

Bulk earthworks will also commence during this period. The project, which is being delivered by Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET) and Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC), involves an exciting revitalisation of the water’s edge at Auckland Inlet.

Hutchinson Builders have been commissioned to undertake the first phase of the development, which commenced in July 2013.

To establish the construction site, a section of Flinders Parade from Auckland Point Terminal to the end of Joseph Banks Park has been closed to the public. This closure is required foremost for public safety reasons, but also to allow construction to proceed uninterrupted so that this public asset can be opened to the Gladstone community as soon as possible.

During the project works, unauthorised access to the construction site is prohibited. The assistance of the community in not accessing the area until it is deemed safe to do so is appreciated.


Press Release, October 3, 2013