NQBP: October Port Outlook Column (Australia)

October Port Outlook Column

As many members of the Bowen Community are aware, a decision for the proposed dredging for Abbot Point remains with the Federal Government.

During this time North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation and the proponents are also seeking clarity from the new Federal Minister, Greg Hunt, as to any further expectations and requirements.

“While we wait for a decision, NQBP as the lead agent for the dredging approval continues to work with a wide range of stakeholders through the TACC (Technical Advisory Consultative Committee),” announced nqbp.com.au.

“Members of this committee include Federal and State agencies, conservation and tourism groups as well as fishermen. At the last meeting on 19 August, disposal site options were narrowed from five sites to two potential sites.”

It is NQBP’s aim to gain agreement on one final site which has the least overall impact on the environment and on tourism and fishing interests. This will require additional work and data collection.

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Press Release, October 14, 2013