ASL Shipyard Launches Dredger “Cassiopeia V” (Singapore)

ASL Shipyard Launches Dredger Cassiopeia V

On Monday the 7th of October 2013, the cutter suction dredger Cassiopeia V, was successfully launched by ASL Shipyard in Singapore for Penta-Ocean Construction Co. Ltd from Japan.

VOSTA LMG is responsible for delivery of the engineering and the dredging equipment.

The Cassiopeia V is a self propelled cutter suction dredger equipped with three dredge pumps, flexible spud carrier system, anchor booms, barge loading installation and a traveling deck crane. It is diesel electric driven and propelled by means of two azimuth thrusters.

The general particulars are as follows:

– Length overall: 123,2 m;

– Total installed power: 19.215 kW;

– Cutter Power: 3.000 kW;

– Dredging depth: 32 m;

– Suction Pipe diameter: 900 mm;

– Discharge Pipe diameter: 850 mm.

The delivery of VOSTA LMG includes: Basic and detailed engineering, cutter heads, ladder front part, cutter drive shaft and bearings and main auxiliary spud carrier, spud tilting system, swivel bend and click in coupling, all winches and sheaves, dredge pumps, inspection pieces, hydraulic system, dredge control system and technical support on site.


Press Release, October 21, 2013