USA: Corps to Invite Bids for Wallops Island Restoration

Corps to Invite Bids for Wallops Island Restoration

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Norfolk District, has presented a plan for the NASA Wallops Island post hurricane sand shoreline restoration project.

During this restoration program 600,000 to 2,100,000 CY of dredged sand will be used to restore the damaged dunes and berms on the Wallops Island beaches.

The appointed contractor will be expected to produce both pre- and post- construction surveys to confirm dredging volumes required.

The total value of this project is estimated between $1 mln and $5 mln, and the anticipated date of the solicitation is on or about 8 November 2013.


Hurricane Sandy hit the nearly completed NASA Wallops Island beach construction project area in late October 2012.

All dredging and heavy beach construction elements of beachfill project were complete, but only a third of the sand fencing was in place and all of this was at the northern end of the project area.

No dune stabilization planting had occurred yet. Sand fencing was reasonably effective in minimizing sand losses where it was installed, limiting the significant sand losses.

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Source:, November 6, 2013