Papua New Guinea: Lae Port Development Project Moves Ahead

Lae Port Development Project Moves Ahead

The last steel pipe pile of the Lae Tidal Wharf Phase I Project in Papua New Guinea was successfully driven down recently, marking the full completion of the pile-sinking task of this project.

There are 387 steel pipe piles having been driven for this project. The whole construction was free from accidents and the quality met the demand of clients, which lays a solid foundation for the construction of superstructure of the port. And this project was affirmed by both the client and the engineer.

The project department will keep the good posture, and conduct the construction in a down-to-earth manner to build a high-quality project for the local society while showing the competence of CHEC.

The Lae Port Project consists of a steel pipe piled beam-slab wharf which is 240m long and 40m wide, an dug-in harbor basin which is 700m long and 400m wide, a container yard with an area of 120,000m2 and an approach road, and a 700,000m2 land area.

All sectors of society of Papua New Guinean pay much attention to this project. It is of great significance to improve the local transport capacity and the economic development.


Press Release, November 11, 2013