Port Finance International Begins Tomorrow (Brazil)

Port Finance International Begins Tomorrow

The Port Finance International Brazil 2013 conference is scheduled for 12 & 13 November 2013, in Bolsa do Rio Convention Centre, Rio de Janeiro.

Bringing together leading players in the Brazilian ports sector to discuss the challenges and opportunities in this developing ports sector, Port Finance International Brazil will provide all those who attend with the chance to hear from industry experts, learn about development plans, receive answers to their questions, identify risks, meet potential business partners, network with peers, and reconnect with industry friends.


Brazilian ports are the gateways to more than 80% of the goods imported and exported by the country. Investing in the port sector is an on-going priority in Brazil, which is export-dependent for much of its economic growth. But the country’s ports are underdeveloped by global standards, which has led to bottlenecks and inefficiencies and the sector still suffers from lack of a clear regulation that encourages private investment, although several corporations active in Brazil already own and manage terminals in the country.


Dredging Today Staff, November 11, 2013