UK: A&P Tees Achieves Important Milestone

A&P Tees Achieves Important Milestone

A&P Tees have proven once again that the importance of Health and Safety is at the forefront of all projects.

Cemex Marine have visited the yard with the Sand Harrier, Sand Fulmer, Sand Heron and Sand Falcon covering 40,000 man hours of work. This has all been carried out INCIDENT FREE. Workscope on the vessels included Dredge Equipment repairs/renewals/overhauls, Hull Preparation and Painting, Machinery overhauls, Tank Cleaning and Steel/Pipework renewals.

Head of HSEQ Jeff Fowler said: “The commitment to HSEQ at Tees shown by our workforce is first class. We have an excellent, experienced team working hard but critically in a safe, efficient manner. Time and time again our Tees team have proven by completing tasks in a safe manner, with care to our environment and right first time is the most cost effective, efficient and safe way of working. Cemex take safety seriously and their commitment to safety makes it easy for us to do things correctly for the benefit of all.”

Mark Williams, Cemex Fleet Engineering Manager commented: “It is always pleasing to see the commitment of A&P Tees Ltd to HSEQ, such dedication can only be achieved by good management and the commitment of the skilled workforce. Such impressive safety performance is very important to CEMEX Marine. It is recognised that such safety achievements not only ensure that ALL personnel remain safe but translate into efficient repairs, on time and to budget, key factors in the continued alliance between both companies.”


Press Release, November 27, 2013