USA: Moffatt & Nichol Shines at FAR ROC Design Competition

Moffatt & Nichol Shines at FAR ROC Design Competition

As part of a team, Moffatt & Nichol recently earned honorable mention at the international FAR ROC design competition with plans to revamp 80 acres of Arverne East in the Rockaways, a coastal community hit hard by Super Storm Sandy more than a year ago.

Moffatt & Nichol served as the coastal engineering leaders on a 17-member team led by Seattle, Washington-based Mithūn. The team’s ROCKeast proposal offered seven steps for a resilient, sustainable site that would protect against any future, devastating natural disaster such as Sandy.

The idea began with embracing the current land pattern; expanding the boundaries; elevating development zones; extending infrastructure in complete phases; endowing a master district; enhancing and enlivening the existing community; and preparing for long-term changes.

Moffatt & Nichol

Communities near the shore such as Arverne East suffered some of the worst damage from Sandy. However, some nearby coastal communities such as Arverne by the Sea held up fairly well due to improved storm drainages, elevated sites and strong infrastructure, lessons which Moffatt & Nichol incorporated into the long range plan for Arverne East’s shoreline. The proposal included an expanded beach, boardwalk, enhanced dunes, a raised ground plane and convex urban form.

This effort was unique in that the team developed a creative plan that incorporates the uncertainties of future sea level rise, increased storminess and increased urban density into a practical solution that is viable, fundable and insurable,” said Robert Sloop, PE, Moffatt & Nichol’s Coastal Project Manager on the team.

The team’s unique design proposal was selected among 117 entries from more than 20 countries.


Press Release, December 24, 2013