India: IMU to Host CSD Simulator Training

IMU to Host CSD Simulator Training

Starting January 20, 2014, a highly practical and effective dredger simulator training programme will take place on the Mumbai Campus of the Indian Maritime University (IMU).

Owing to a unique collaboration between the IMU and the Netherlands-based Training Institute for Dredging (TID), this series of training sessions can be offered locally to professionals within the Indian dredging industry.

This training programme is a follow-up to the India Dredging Experience, an event organised by IHC Merwede and TID during the 4th Annual Conference on Dredging in India, last September.

India has a vast network of inland waterways and an extensive, 7500 kilometre coastline, supporting a considerable portion of its economic vigour. The significance of navigable waterways provides many opportunities for the country’s dredging business, leading to high demand for contractors and personnel. This has eventually revealed a challenge from within the industry itself: a shortage of well-trained manpower.

Competence increase

In a combined effort, the IMU Mumbai Campus and TID (part of IHC Merwede) have taken the initiative to further raise personnel competence levels by offering a training programme. The 3-day programme is based on TID’s state-of-the-art Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) simulator, equipped with a modern dredging operator desk featuring the latest automation and controls. This simulator is a powerful tool to learn about dredge operations and to safely practise under various and specific conditions.

Training objectives

Main objective of the training programme is to increase participants’ competence and efficiency levels, and enable them to operate their dredger more economically and safer. Overall, they will gain a greater understanding of the required standards for dredging operations.

Participants may choose between two levels of training:

– Training for Superintendents

Develop a firm grasp of the nature of operations on board a cutter suction dredger. No practical experience with operating a cutter suction dredger is required.

 -Training for novice Dredge Operators

Practice responses to challenging scenarios in a safe environment. Some operational experience, for example as a deckhand, is required.

Three complete training sessions (three days each) will be offered, with respective starting dates of January 20, 23 and 27, 2014. After successful completion of training and assignments, each participant will receive a certificate of completion issued jointly by IMU, IHC Merwede and TID.


Press Release, January 6, 2014