IQPC: Dredging & Reclamation USA Summit Approaches

Dredging & Reclamation USA Summit Approaches

IQPC’s Dredging & Reclamation USA Summit (March 31 – April 01, 2014, Miami, FL) is a global event that unites port authorities, engineers, port operators, construction companies, dredging contractors, and more in their quest to ensure the profitability and quality assurance of dredging projects.

Our expert speaking faculty will discuss the principles of dredging and reclamation projects with regard to architectural industry-waterborne trade, urbanization, energy and climate change, beneficial use, federal and state regulations, environmental protection and much more,” the officials announced.

This Dredging & Reclamation Summit will discuss:

– Navigating the appropriations and contracting process, evaluating the results of Net Economic Development Benefits (NED), and working with the US Army Corps of Engineers;

– Establishing beneficial use of dredged material from capital dredging projects and utilizing beach restoration to recover from climate change and natural disasters;

– Identifying how to implement strategic plans to outline the growth of ports by improving container traffic;

– Evaluating the environmental risks associated with the release of contaminants from bedded and suspended sediments and challenges associated with release, suspension, risk and residual.

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Dredging Today Staff, January 9, 2014