NQBP: Bowen Wharf Closed for Maintenance (Australia)

Partial Temporary Closure of Bowen Wharf

The timber section of Bowen Wharf will be closed to public access for several months from Monday 10th March 2014 while North Queensland Bulk Ports (NQBP) carries out significant maintenance work.

Works are scheduled to continue on the Wharf until around mid-August 2014. During this period it will be unsafe for any member of the public to access the timber section of the Wharf as it will be a building and construction site.

Public access to the timber section of the Wharf will be prevented by new gates to be installed in early March, accompanied by appropriate signage. Only authorised persons with an operational need will be permitted access to the closed section of the Wharf during the period covered by the works program.


Press Release, February 17, 2014