Finland: Rauma Harbour Development to Include Dredging

Rauma Harbour Development to Include Dredging

Rauman Kaupunki / Satamaliikelaitos has announced a tender for the Rauma Harbour construction work.

This development program will consist of dredging of approximately 170,000m3 of clay and silt, backfilling, crane rail foundation construction and quay container crane rails installation.

The contract will include the construction of a quay with a length of about 330m and a dock with a water depth of 13.5m.

Contaminated marine and land sediment retrieval will be dumped at a designated site.

The total cost is estimated to be between EUR 20 mln and 25 mln, and the deadline for this tender is March 7, 2014.


Dredging Today Staff, February 21, 2014; Image: portofrauma

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