Ireland: Wicklow Harbor Dredging About to Start

Wicklow Town Harbor Dredging About to Start

Rossaveal Port Services Ltd. will kick off the Wicklow Town Harbor dredging project tomorrow, reports Wicklow People.

The areas that will be dredged are:

– the main harbour channel;

– the outer East Pier area;

– the inner East Pier area;

– the area between the North and South Quays.

According to Wicklow People, this maintenance dredging program, which will last until the end of May, will boost the commercial potential of the port.

The Wicklow Town Harbor, last time dredged in 1998, is a seaside tidal port at the mouth of the Leitrim River, located approximately 35 miles south of Dublin.


Officials Invite Bids for Wicklow Dredging Project


Dredging Today Staff, March 19, 2014