Malta Freeport Terminals: Port of Marsaxlokk Dredging Completed

Port of Marsaxlokk Dredging Completed

Malta Freeport Terminals has recently fully completed an intensive dredging program at the Port of Marsaxlokk.

This development project included the dredging of the Port’s outer and inner fairway, inner turning circle, basin manoeuvring area and the approaches of Terminal Two North and South Quays as well Terminal One North Quay and alongside these quays to ‐17.0 m LAT.

These dredging works now allow an access and maximum keel berthing draught of ‐16.0 m LAT to be realised.

For this purpose Jan De Nul deployed one of its modern cutter suction dredger to undertake the works. The close coordination between Mala Freeport Terminals, Jan Du Nul, Malta’s Transport Authorities as well as the Port Service Providers ensured minimal disruptions in Port traffic despite the significance to the Port’s operations of the navigational area which was being dredged.

To be in full compliance with the regulations of Malta’s Environmental Authorities all the dredging works were continuously being monitored by an independent and approved Operational Monitoring Consultant to ensure that the environmental monitoring programme was fully being observed.

In line with this development, Malta Freeport Terminals has also undertaken crucial infrastructural works at Terminal Two North Quay and the Company is now in an optimum position to effectively handle at this berth Triple‐E vessels (18,000 TEU capacity).

These works included the extension of Terminal Two North Quay including the rail as well as the installation of bollards and the fendering system. Following this investment, Malta Freeport Terminals is now in a position to accommodate 18,000 TEU vessels on Terminal Two North Quay.


Press Release, March 20, 2014

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