Cyprus: Beach Nourishment on Paphos Beaches Underway

Cyprus Beach Nourishment on Paphos Beaches Underway

Beach nourishment on Cyprus’ Paphos beaches has started after they were damadged following the earthquake on the Turkish coast last year.

According to the government official, the nourishment of the beach next to Latsi port has been completed, and the Polis project is ready to start.

At the Latsi site the sand was brought back to shalow water by natural forces, and has been pumped to the beach.

Since the Polis site is less protected it keept less sand.

“The only way to stop this happening again at the site is to construct wave breakers,” Cyprus Mail quoted the head of the government public works departments’ coastal engineers Stelios Zevros as saying.

Mr. Zevros mentioned the already made plan for the construction of 14 breakwaters which would protect the coastline.

Only four of them have been installed until now.

According to the Mayor of Polis Chrysochous Angelos Georgiou work at the campsite beach should be completed in the first ten days of June.

Dredging Today Staff, June 2, 2014; Image: Panoramio