Australia: Mackay Marina Southern Breakwater Temporarily Reopen to Public

Mackay Marina Southern Breakwater Temporarily Reopen to Public

Maintenance work at the Mackay Marina southern breakwater being undertaken by North Queensland Bulk Ports (NQBP) is progressing well with significant upgrades made to some of the sections damaged by high seas related to Tropical Cyclone Dylan at the end of January.

The breakwater has been closed to public access since mid-November while repairs and maintenance work has been undertaken.

The nature of the works required the use of heavy equipment, meaning the breakwater was closed for public safety reasons.

Work on the breakwater is currently paused while NQBP assesses a range of options for undertaking required future work and secures the supply of armour rock required.

The available rock was exhausted late last week, earlier than had been anticipated.

NQBP has taken advantage of the pause in work to repair the road surface on the breakwater and has decided to temporarily reopen the breakwater to the general public from Thursday this week, 5th June.

NQBP is pleased to be able to provide public access again to the breakwater, even if only on a temporary basis, as the coming weeks see two public holidays and also the Mackay Boat Show,” said Jeff Stewart-Harris, Chief Operating Officer for NQBP.

“We know that many residents and visitors to the city enjoy the opportunity to walk, run, cycle or fish along the breakwater, and we ask people to take care and exercise caution at all times when on the breakwater. We have made sure that there is clear signage advising people of activities to avoid, such as climbing on the rocks, as well as the areas to which they should confine their activities and potential hazards to be mindful of such as loose surfaces,” said Mr. Stewart-Harris.

“The breakwater’s role in protecting the harbour is a priority, so we look forward to securing the necessary rock and finishing the repairs as soon as possible,” said Mr. Stewart-Harris.

The breakwater will be closed again to the general public from mid-July to enable the repair and maintenance work to resume. This work is anticipated to continue until Christmas 2014.

Press release, June 4, 2014