Taganrog Port Berth No. 2 Up and Running (Russia)

Taganrog Port Berth No. 2 Up and Running

In Taganrog Seaport the Azov Basin Branch has completed the overhaul of the mooring berth No. 2 intended for anchorage and repair of the vessels of the branch on the production and repair base of the Taganrog Department of the branch.

The overhaul of the object has been made by the contracting organization, involved by the branch on a competitive basis, in a timely manner. In the course of the works the front wall has been renovated over the length of 89 meters, also 6 mooring devices, barrier curb and 40 fenders have been installed.

On-site all the existing drawdowns of the coverage of the facility have been eliminated, and in the quay part of the mooring berth maintenance dredging have been performed with bringing the bottom marks along the mooring berth to 4 meters.

Successfully executed overhaul of the facility has not only allowed extending the life of this hydraulic structure, but also in some ways improving its performance characteristics, as well as implementation of the requirements for safe mooring and berthing along the mooring berth.


Press Release, June 27, 2014