Foreshore Technology Release Dredge Master Pile

Foreshore Technology Release Dredge Master Pile

Foreshore Technology have released Dredge Master Pile, a monitoring and guidance system specifically designed to improve operators efficiency on piling projects.

Dredge master pile is based on Foreshore’s ground breaking Dredge Master platform and provides the operators with an intuitive system to help them with their piling work. With a built in pile library of all the common pile sections and the ability to load in pile designs from AutoCAD drawings, the software allows the pile layout to be inputted and shown in 3D to allow the operator to clearly see the required design.

Foreshore Technology 1

With the pile layout in the software the operator can simply follow the onscreen symbols to guide them directly to the piles in the most efficient manner possible. With support for rake angles in any direction the software calculates the required pitch and roll of the Piling Rig to ensure that the operator drives the pile in the right location and at the correct angle.

Master Pile

As with all the DredgeMaster products, survey data can be loaded in to the application to allow the operator to see when the pile toe is approaching the seabed floor. This is useful as when the pile starts to enter the seabed floor there is often movement that needs adjustment by the operator.


Press Release, July 11, 2014